Vacuum Pump for Men, Natural Alternative to Erectile Dysfunction Pills, Manual Penis Pump, Men芒聙聶s Pump Kit for Erectile Dysfunction - Pos-T-Vac, Erec Tech 1000

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VACUUM PUMP KIT FOR ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: Forget the pills, creams, and supplements. The Pos-T-Vac Erec Tech 1000 manual penis pump is designed to treat symptoms related to erectile dysfunction. The innovative design helps men achieve a long-lasting and strong erection in a short period of time. This hand vacuum pump is cordless and is a natural alternative to erection pills for men.
EASY TO USE: Attach pump head to penile tube and attach cone to other end. Slide tension ring over the cone and onto penile tube. Remove cone. Insert bushing into tube. Apply lubricant to bushing, inside of penile tube, and pubic area. Place penile tube over penis and create tight seal against the body. Engage pump. Slide tension ring onto base of penis when desired erection is achieved.
NO SIDE EFFECTS: Gain and sustain erections with this vacuum device. The vacuum penis pump helps men achieve an erection for 30 minutes. The vacuum suction creates a tight seal against your body and draws blood into the penis, forming an erection. The process mimics the body鈥檚 natural process to obtain an erection. Most natural and effective way to overcome erectile dysfunction.
FDA APPROVED PUMP FOR MEN: Pos-T-Vac鈥檚 manual-powered penis pumps have passed multiple safety tests and were shown to be highly effective during clinical testing. Made in the USA and FDA approved for marketing in the United States. Regardless of the cause of erectile dysfunction, vacuum therapy can instantly produce results without other treatments. Get an erection naturally and quickly.
1-YEAR MANUFACTURER鈥橲 WARRANTY: Our vacuum pump kit comes with all the parts and accessories you need. Our manual-operated penis pump set is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and one-year manufacturer鈥檚 warranty on major components. Replacements for parts that wear out over time can be easily purchased. With proper cleaning and maintenance, this product can last for years.