Turtle Stuffed Animal Toy Storage, Large Size Storage Bean Bag Velvet Extra Soft Stuffed Kid Toys Storage Organize Room Magic Sofa Chair

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INGENIOUS DESIGN - The turtle design is very clever in that there are 6 compartments with individual zippers underneath the turtle shell: 1 for the head, 1 for the tail, 4 for the legs, and 1 large, main one for placing items into the bean bag. All compartments connect on the inside so that can be hidden away respective compartments to convert the turtle into a shell. It's very magical!
LARGE SIZE + SPACE & TIME SAVER - Approximately 36 inches in diameter the Stuffed storage holds more than 100 toys. It saves space and stores almost anything while not in use: blankets, duvets, pillows, towels, clothes. When you need to make up the room, just fill the pouf up, zip it up and put it in a corner. This turtle bean bag makes your home more spacious while decorating your home.
CUTE TURTLE STORAGE BEAN BAG - This cute turtle storage bag is a magical stuffed bean bag that instantly attains your child's attention and also perfect for parents. When it is time to tidy up, simply stuff the bag, and it turns into chair that support your kids love to read, play or watch TV on while you enjoy some quiet time.
LUXURY VELVET - Our stuffed animal bean bag is made out of soft velvet which is softer and comfier than canvas. Will not rub your child's skin and machine washable. The zippers are durable and the overall quality is excellent, children can easy being sat on, tumble or move around and never worry about the fabrics will rip.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - momok is a registered trademark and our product is professional manufacturing and sole selling. If the storage bag does not work for you for any reason, return bean bag for stuffed animals for a full refund. You will get 100% money back with no questions asked.