TRENDBOX Aluminium Alloy Drift Board Aluminium Alloy Split Skateboard High-end Bearing Split Skateboard Portable Roller Skateboard with PU Wheels

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Material : Aluminum alloy plate + 3mm integrated steel frame + High-elastic PU wheel. Emery was added to the board surface, which has a good waterproof and non-slip effect.
High-speed Bearing : 7 ball bearings, good flexibility, high speed and long life, good mute effect.
High-elastic PU Wheel : High elasticity and wear resistance, good grip effect, comfortable and stable.
Integrated Steel Frame : High-performance one-piece bracket, super bearing capacity. And a buffer sheet was added at the connection between the bracket and the plate surface, which has a good buffering effect.
Anti-scratch Design : Board fixing screws with anti-scratch design.