Traxxas TRA6553X Telemetry Expander 2.0 and GPS Module 2.0, TQi Tadio System

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Traxxas 6553X - TQi Telemetry Expander 2.0 & GPS Module 2.0
Features: Telemetry Expander: Installs quickly and easily; no parts to replace or swap Waterproof case keeps the expander safe from the elements Six available ports for connecting auto-detectable plug and play sensors GPS Uses GPS and GLONASS global positioning for accurate, real-time speed Speed readout not affected by gear ratio or tire-size Easy plug-and-play installation; no programming required Waterproof when installed Automatically detected and co
Includes: (1) Telemetry Expander 2.0 (#6550X) (1) GPS Module 2.0 (#6551X)Telemetry Expander 2.0 (#6550X) (1) Receiver data cable (optional data cables available)
Part number(s) included (in factory packaging): 6553X