Student Kids Beginner Stereo Microscope Science Kit 20X-40X Compound LED Light Source Binoculars Lab Microscope with a Phone Adapter for Microscope to Record

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The portable stereo microscope is an excellent instrument for kids, students and beginners. Great for observing 3D objects-insects, specimens, plants, rocks, stamps, coins, jewelry, fabrics, fingerprints, electronic circuit boards, etc.
The adjustable interpupillary distance binocular head allows comfortable viewing with both eyes, perfect for students in elementary to learn sciences.
LED light source provides bright and cool light for working with temperature-sensitive or live insects. The light is powered by 2 AA batteries ( not included), enable the microscope to be used away from wired power sources.�
With WF10x WF20x eyepieces, 2X objective provides 20X-40X magnification, longer focal length so enables users to manipulate the object being inspected, ideal for viewing a large range of specimens.
Come with a smartphone adapter designed for microscope, help you recording the micro-world with your phone and share with friends and families.