Square Wave | The Mesmerizing Kinetic Wind Spinner | Magical Calming Art Piece by Ivan Black (Dark Bronze, Black)

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AN ORIGINAL PIECE OF KINETIC ART - A rare example of originality and a perfect gift for people that have everything. In a modern age of information overload and radiating stress, peaceful and calming statues such as Square Wave help us to reflect, think and process what surrounds us. Studies have shown that the work of artists such as Ivan Black help to engage individuals with science and nature through a visual and physical medium, offering opportunities for individuals to educate themselves.
DURABLE DESIGN - Square Wave is made of steel treated to be used in both indoor or outdoor environments. You can hang it in your garden or patio: Square Wave is made to last. You can admire it In a statuesque standing position, or hang it from the ceiling as a wonderful sculpture, or play with it, as it also becomes a relaxing kinetic toy. Square Wave is the result of extensive prototyping and iterations, in order to find the smoothest balance between weight and length of each metal rod.
INSPIRED BY MATH - Waves are generated by folding the structure into a swirl, whereas a reverse snap will bring it back to the initial flat square state. Each rod is precisely calibrated to limit its move to a specific angle, allowing for the beautiful rotational wave motion via a cascade of angular momentum transfer.
PERFECTLY SIZED - Square Wave is 9,8 x 9,8 inches (25x25 cm).
EASY TO INSTALL - Square Wave is already assembled and comes in a premium package that includes accessories (metal hook, wall anchor and wire) that will allow you to easily hang and display your piece of art.