Rollerblade Hydrogen Urban 80mm 85A (8 Pack), Burnt Orange, One Size

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WHEELS ARE MEASURED in mm (height size) and A (durometer/hardness). A higher "mm" number means faster wheels. A higher durometer "A" number means harder wheels. Harder wheels last longer
80mm/85A PREMIUM FORMULA, URBAN PROFILE has incredible resilience, roll and rebound. The Urban profile improves maneuverability and control due to the wider surface contact with the pavement
CONSISTENT SPEED, CORNERING AND PERFORMANCE are achieved through the solid core design. The reinforced core properly bonds and supports the urethane to enhance the skate experience
MAXIMUM GRIP, WEAR AND VIBRATION REDUCTON come from the proprietary urethane formula
MADE IN THE USA, 8 WHEELS PER SET (bearings and spacers not included)