Radiolink RC4GS 2.4G 4CH RC Transmitter and Receiver R6FG Gyro Radio Remote Controller for Car Boat Crawler

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銆怑xcellent Anti-interference銆�: FHSS reduce overall signal interference allow the RC4GS to produce a highly constant and stable transmission signal present on all 4 channels, control distance over 1300 feet (400m), only 12ms for 4 channels response.
銆怋uilt in Gyro銆�: R6FG with gyro integrated receiver is can hold the vehicle in a straight line during aggressive acceleration and braking when it in gyro working mode. Gyro sensitivity can be adjustment.
銆怰eal-time Information銆�: Battery voltage, RSSI, receiver signal can be display on screen when work with Radiolink R7FG receiver.
銆怉BS and Fail-Safe Protection銆�: Anti-lock brake support vehicles do not slip when vehicles brake at corners. CH1-CH4 can be set fail-safe function to protect the safety of the model.
銆怐ual Programmable Mix Control銆�: Easy to understand and setting, every two channels can be programmed mix control. Twin-engine boats or cars such as tank, adapts to most of types rc cars and boats on the market.