NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Intermediate Compound Microscope for Kids 芒聙聯 Battery Powered 40X-640X Zoom Microscope Including Science Kit - LED Illumination & USB Eyepiece Directly Connects to Computer, Black

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Adjustable magnification: reveal the cellular side of the world around you with the National Geographic zoom Microscope. This compound microscope has a zoom eyepiece, a rotating turret of three objective lenses and a magnification range of 40x-640x
Compatibel with smartphone: includes smartphone adapter that allows discoveries to be downloaded and shared on mobile devices. The included adapter allows the user to secure their smartphone to the device to capture the image in the eyepiece for later analysis
Science kit included: Includes prepared slides, blank slides, yeast, shrimp hatchery, vials, Tweezers, pipette, measuring cup, and a small handheld Magnifier to give Junior Scientists all they need to observe and learn
Featured LED illumination: The microscope offers bright LED illumination and a color wheel to enhance specimen views. Observe and analyze your samples with crystal-clear pictures and more detail
National Geographic supported: sponsored by one of the biggest names in both the science and educational fields, National Geographic