My First Lab Whodunnit? Microscope and Forensic Accessory Kit 芒聙聯 Recreate and Solve a Crime Scene, Real Glass Optics with 10X Eyepiece, 4X, 10X, 40X Magnification

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Crime Scene Investigation 鈥� Is your child the inquisitive type? The My First Lab Whodunnit? Kit helps focus their curious nature and teaches them to learn and study evidence just like professionals do.
My First Lab Whodunnit? Microscope 鈥� Microscope features include 10X Eyepiece, 4X, 10X, and 40X real glass optical lenses. The MFL-007 microscope can be used for any type of learning or sleuthing.
Extensive 70 Piece Accessory Kit 鈥� Included Forensic Accessory Kit includes evidence bag, pH paper, evidence cards, ink pad, fiber samples, poly gloves, forceps, 5 microscope slides, cover slips, slide labels, 4 prepared slides, mini flashlight, doctors mask, police tape, and much more.
Lighting 鈥� The Whodunnit? Microscope features upper and lower illumination allowing you to view slides or 3 dimensional objects such as coins and leaves. This gives you two microscopes in one. This first of its kind microscope includes a black light just like professional forensic inspectors would use.
Experiment Guide 鈥� The included experiment guide will allow your child to solve mysteries with Major Inspector. Go undercover, search for clues, collect evidence, and solve various crime scenarios. Kit includes guided scenarios plus tips for further exploration