Lenexa Roller Skates for Girls Pixie Kid芒聙聶s Quad Roller Skates with High Top Shoe Style for Indoor/Outdoor Skating | Durable, Easy to Skate, Made for Kids (Blue, 1)

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STYLISH - The colorful and fun high top sneaker style combined with our awesome rollerskate functionality, the Lenexa Pixie skates will make her the envy of all her friends!
DURABLE - The Pixie skate has a soft yet durable canvas exterior that provides a cool looking skate with a long-lasting design. She will never want to get another pair, and you won鈥檛 have to.
EASY TO SKATE - The nylon base (lightweight) and easy-push free rolling bearings make it easy for kids to build up their momentum and maintain balance.
INDOOR / OUTDOOR - Don鈥檛 let the rink be the only place she can skate. Lenexa Pixie skates feature indoor/outdoor urethane wheels, making skating an anytime, anywhere, fun activity!
EASY TO STOP - Kids never want to stop skating, but eventually they have to! The Pixie replaceable toe brake allows your child to slow their speed gradually or stop suddenly safely.