Learning Advantage Double-Sided Geoboard Set - 5 x 5 Grid/12 Pin Circular Array - Set of 6 with Rubber Bands - Geometry Math Manipulative - Teach Angles and Symmetry

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TEACH EARLY STEM -- Geoboards are a great way to teach spatial and mathematic concepts visually and practically Show how triangles squares and pentagons relate and how their shapes affect their area
A FUN LEARNING ACTIVITY -- Children love to create their own colorful shapes with these learning boards How many shapes can they make in three minutes? What is the largest pentagon they can create? A perfect activity for the home or classroom
VERSATILE -- Use four geo boards to create a coordinate pegboard where each of the 4 quadrants on the x and y axes are represented by a different color rubber band
HANDS-ON MATH -- Geoboards are a powerful learning resource for every child They can be used to create most 2D shapes and then can be split or divided to represent fractions or new shapes
DEVELOP BETTER HAND CONTROL -- Help kids continue to develop fine motor control by encouraging the use of these Geoboards They are an excellent size for elementary-aged children