Ideas In Life Mini Wooden Beer Pong or Shot Pong Set 芒聙聯 Foldable Portable Travel Board Classic Juice Party Drinking Game Complete Set

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COMPLETE 23 PCS FOLDABLE PONG SET READY FOR INSTANT FUN 鈥� This classic miniature drinking pong game is a new fun twist on the regular old beer pong game. Travel Ready Wooden play board is ready to go out of the box. Includes 20 Reusable cups that hold 2.5 fluid oz. and 2 mini Ping Pong balls for instant fun. Have hours of late night novelty game entertainment and fun anywhere you are travelling.
TRAVEL READY DRINKING GAME- Great for camping, tailgating, holidays, weddings, and more! This table makes a perfect birthday present or christmas gift for 21+ year old university students that like to drink alcoholic beverages like beer, liquor, and wine. Unfold the board and set up the cups to start. Play 1 vs 1 or in teams of 2 in which each team takes a turn throwing a ball onto the other teams cups. Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent downs the shot. If both t
FUN FOR ADULTS AND KIDS TOO 鈥� Also makes a great juice pong game for kids, simply fill cups with a kid friendly beverage like apple juice or fruit punch. For the adults in the room, fill the cups with your alcoholic beverage of choice and let SHOTS begin with your new mini beer pong drinking game. A great alternative to flip cup or other beer pong games that take up too much space.
YOU SINK IT AND THEY DRINK IT 鈥� This all in one set is all you need to break the ice at your next get together. Take turns with your friends to clear the board and relax! Fill the glasses with champagne, whisky, wine, rum or any drink you want. Please drink responsibly. Intended for adults 21 and over. The plastic party drinking glasses are washable and re-usable. Durable construction wood board measures 10鈥� x 18.5鈥� x 0.85鈥� when unfolded.