FLIFLI AIRDROP FAD-1000GT Release and Drop Device for DJI Phantom 4 Pro Advanced Pro V2.0

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INDEPENDENT OPERATION : No need to connect drone with cable for communication. AIRDROP has a built-in independent communication device.
3-SECOND INSTALLATION : 3 seconds is enough to enjoy AIRDROP. Video clip on 3-second installation is available on our official web page and on the online shop.
AIRDROP SHOWS THE OPERATING DISTANCE OF 3,280 FEET (1 KM) : Operating distance can increase when there are no obstacles or the antenna of the remote control (black part) is not covered with your hand. In the distance of more than 9,000 feet (3 km), the probability of operation will decrease.
EASILY SUSPEND OBJECTS IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES : No need to stop or flip a drone to suspend objects. Suspend the objects directly on the drone while it is floating in the air. The steel pin (hook) of the main unit automatically opens and closes each time you press a button on the remote control. Since the drone doesn't have to land, you can pick up the other party's object while you are on the phone.
DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO ACCESSORIES FOR 1 POUND (450 GRAMS) PAYLOAD : Up to the weight of about 2 pounds, the steel pin (hook) on AIRDROP main unit easily opens. The pin on the main unit is designed to withstand up to 6 pounds. Depending on the type of drones (lifting force), the maximum load capacity may vary. Phantom can stably carry about 1 pound of weight. This package included a FB-1000GT bracket for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Pro V2.0 and Advanced.