Finetec, Artist Pearlescent, F2400, Watercolor Paint, Assorted Pearlescent Colors - 24 Color Set

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ASSORTED PEARLESCENT COLORS - A natural product that offers a wide variety of metallic shades from gold and silver to iridescent, pearl shining colors.
24 COLOR SET - Set includes crystal gold, arabic gold, pearl gold, olympic gold, royal gold, bronze, dark bronze, golden rose, orange copper, tangelo, ruby, red, purple, fuchsia, amethyst, high chroma blue, caribbean green, mint, silver, platinum, blue silver, deep black, patina and twilight.
CRAFTED FOR ARTISTS - Ideal for creating special effects and highlighting. Can be dissolved with water and applied with a brush or use a brush to load the paints into a dip pen nib for calligraphy or fine lines.
FAST DRY - Light fast and pigment rich paint adheres to all absorbent surfaces such as paper, wood and gypsum etc.
CONVENIENT - Comes in a metal box with interchangeable color pans. The metal box serves as a palette with divided mixing areas in the lid.