Energen Drone Battery Charger for DJI Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Matrice 200, Matrice 600 Battery TB47 TB48 TB50, Intelligent Fast Multi Battery Charging Hub Station (Charge 3 Batteries & 2 USB Ports)

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Customized to charge Inspire 1/2, Matrices 200/600 drone batteries. Recharges 3 batteries and remote control simultaneously with about 90% of electricity only 40 minutes.
Intelligent charge control, 3 separate power rails, one for each battery. Each power rail is 26. 1V at 10. 35A, USB output is QC3. 0 & 5V 2. 4A, total of 270W. Worldwide compatible AC 100-240V.
Dual USB ports to charge 2 USB devices, such as Inspire / Matrices remote control, smartphones, tablets and other USB devices.
The LED will display each current and voltage in turn to know the status of all drone battery at any time.
Aluminum enclosure provides excellent heat dissipation. It protects the internal circuitry from outside elements. It is fire resistant, non-conductive (anodization is non-conductive).