Dog Cotton Rope Toys Set for Medium and Large Dogs Who Love to Play Rough and are Aggressive Chewers. Almost Indestructible, Washable Dental Floss, Tough Tug of War/Chewing Toys - (6 pack + Bonus)

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DOES YOUR POOCH LOVE PLAYING TUG OF WAR? Do you find that all your rope toys are chewed up and disintegrated in minutes? Then you need the 4LegsFriend pack of 6 most durable (but not indestructible) dog rope toys for medium to XL dogs who love to play rough! Also suitable for smaller breeds with a Napoleon Complex! Great toys to entertain your best friend, relieve boredom and anxiety. Fun interactive play which reduces stress levels in dogs and humans.
IN THIS VALUE FOR MONEY SET, YOU RECEIVE: 鉁旓笍 11.5鈥� Figure of Eight 鉁旓笍 11.5鈥� Rope with a Knot at each end 鉁旓笍 20鈥� Rope with 3 Knots 鉁旓笍 3.5鈥� Rope Knot with pulling handle 鉁旓笍3.5鈥� Rope knot 鉁旓笍 7.5鈥� diameter Frisbee Rope 鉁旓笍 Plus a great, lightweight, portable 5.1鈥� diameter food/water dish which folds down and can be attached to the leash. Take it anywhere!
THE BENEFITS OF THE 4LEGSFRIEND SET: 鉁旓笍 Virtually indestructible, 100% Non-toxic Cotton - when chewed helps to maintain dental hygiene by flossing the teeth and massaging the gums. 鉁旓笍 Machine washable so your house stays free of harmful bacteria. 鉁旓笍 6 different toys to choose from - so it will take 6 times longer for the toy to wear out. 鉁旓笍Red, white and blue not just to show off your patriotism but to make it really easy to find when you want to play or it鈥檚 time to go home from the park.
LET YOUR PUPPIES CHEW ON THESE TEETHING TOYS and not on the furniture or your shoes! Puppies love to chew! Help them through this difficult time of changing teeth with the minimum discomfort and stress to you and your beloved pet. Never have to scold or be angry with your pet and avoid expensive 鈥渕istakes鈥�!
ALL DOG TOYS WILL EVENTUALLY DISINTEGRATE but ours take longer (much longer!). Dogs should never be left unattended with their chew toys to prevent possible complications from swallowing. Grab this deal now and get our exclusive 100% hassle-free Money-Back Guarantee. If you for ANY reason don't like your Brand New Dog chew toys, simply contact us for a full refund. No questions asked. Buy now RISK-FREE