ALIENTECH Duo Antenna 2.4G&5.8G Signal Booster Range Extender for Phantom 3 4 Advanced Pro Inspire 1/2 Pro Matrice 100 200 Pro Drones Assessories (Phantom/Inspire/Matrice, White)

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鈼咲UO antenna is a passive directional antenna. It is suitable for 2.4 GHz-2.4835 Ghz-5.725 GHz-5.8 Ghz band. Gain > 15 dBi, vertical polarization. Enhanced signal range extender booster and stabilization HD are applicable to WiFi and OcuSync protocols.
鈼咥fter our actual use test, when you install it, you can feel a significant improvement in maneuverability, your drone can fly more than two times the distance of the original drone. You can even break the drone's power limit in an undisturbed area at sea or in a forest
鈼咲UO antenna can effectively increase the signal distance. And its small size is easy to accept, Quick release function also saves you take-off preparation time
鈼哅atching range: All drone remote controllers working in 2.4 and 5.8 G bands can be used. Especially suitable for all types of drone in Spark, Mavic pro / 2pro zoom / Platinum / Enterprise , Phantom 3 advanced / 3 pro / 4 advanced / 4 pro V2.0 / RTK, Inspire 1 pro / 2 pro and Matrice 100 / 200 / 600 pro series (except those below Phantom 3S/ES), Smart Remote Controlle, and PARROT anafi drone
鈼員ip: The product requires the user to modify the remote control and install it. There are certain risks in modifying the remote control. Please consider it carefully before purchasing.